Soviet Posters

Propaganda posters were employed for manipulating public consciousness in the USSR as widely as nowhere else in the world. The extremely wide distribution of posters in the Soviet Union turned them into a specific visual aids devoted to the country’s history. During the first years after the revolution the program of poster art was directed at the propaganda of the Communist utopia and at discrediting the old regime. In the 1930s- 1950s the poster became an important media means of inculcating the principles of the totalitarian state. Being the principal visual source of information, it shaped people’s views and mentality, giving recommendations as to what one was supposed to thing and to do. Some posters tried to make regulations even for the intimate spheres of people’s life, and contemporary people cannot help but smile looking at them.

The printing of posters was a whole branch of industry in the USSR that was under strict political control. Originals for posters were created by the best Soviet graphic artists, so quite often the best examples of poster art, remarkable for their expressive and concise artistic idiom and easily understood content, became veritable masterpieces of this genre. You can easily see the truth of this thesis familiarizing yourself with a set of picture posters, which features the most popular posters of the Soviet era.

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